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Repair Tracking and Management for all types of repair centres

Phone Repairs    Computer Upgrades    Bycicle Maintenance    Instrument Overhauls    Vehicle Customisation    Body Shops

Maintenance and Servicing Centres    Small to large workshops

  • Do you run a busy mobile phone, computer or other repair centre?
  • Do you struggle to keep track of all of the repairs in progress in your shop?
  • Do you have trouble keeping records of all payments made or outstanding?
  • Do you need a system that can unify all of your processes into one package, and will take care of them all for you?

If you can answer yes to these questions, then you need Traiblazer - the most powerful, flexible, easy to use and cost effective repair management solution available today.

TrailBlazer is a Web Based management system for the management of all types of repair shops - Computers, Consoles, Cameras, Bycicles etc.

TrailBlazer is built on robust, reliable Microsoft .NET technology - using ASP.NET web pages, and Microsoft SQL server for data storage. This ensures minimal fuss and downtime.


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TrailBlazer is like having another team member in your repair centre

TrailBlazer automates many of the processes in your shop that are normally carried out manually, making your processes more efficient, and saving considerable effort. The easily customised messaging system allows you to automate sending of emails and SMS messages to technicians and customers at pre-determined stages of repair, keeping everyone up to speed with progress.

Our clients have been really amazed at how TrailBlazer keeps everyone in the loop, and their customers are kept happy with the progress updates.

The TrailBlazer system is flexible and customisable, allowing you to taylor it to fit your repair business perfectly.


TrailBlazer takes care of everything

Happy Repair Technician
  • Makes invoicing and billing simple
  • Keeps technicians and customers notified and up to date at all times.
  • Tracks all parts used, along with stock levels
  • Shows shop and technician repair turnaround performance
  • Remote access with powerful administration tools
  • Granular security
  • Configurable user interface
  • Templated HTML based printouts - customizable in any way you like
  • Parts Usage reports
  • Statistics
  • CSV Data extracts
  • Point of Sales system

And much, much more.

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