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Advanced Repair Shop Management

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Computer Repair Tracking and Repair Shop Management

Now includes Point of Sales System!

Created by Redbrook Technology, TrailBlazer is a Web Based management system for the management of all types of repair shops - Computers, Consoles, Cameras, Bycicles etc. TrailBlazer is built on robust, reliable Microsoft .NET technology - using ASP.NET web pages, and Microsoft SQL server for data storage. This ensures minimal fuss and downtime.

Built from our own experience

We have had plenty of experience of running electronic and computer repair centres in the past, and we think you will see this through the design of TrailBazer. Trailblazer has been created by Redbrook Technology who have a huge amount of experience in developing great quality, intuitive software.

Please visit us at You can also call us on +441633 674291 or 07782 170638 to talk about your repair tracking requirements

TrailBlazer Control Panel

TrailBlazer requires minimal training

TrailBlazer has been built from the ground up with the end user in mind, and is intuitive and very easy to learn to use. Minimal training is required for your technicians or support staff. The repair screens are layed out in a logical, workflow related manner, so that there is no screen switching. The repair and customer search facilities mean that it is very easy to find any information you need.


TrailBlazer is like having another team member in your repair centre

TrailBlazer automates many of the processes in your shop that are normally carried out manually, making your processes more efficient, and saving considerable effort. The easily customised messaging system allows you to automate sending of emails and SMS messages to technicians and customers at pre-determined stages of repair, keeping everyone up to speed with progress.

Our clients have been really amazed at how TrailBlazer keeps everyone in the loop, and their customers are kept happy with the progress updates.

The TrailBlazer system is flexible and customisable, allowing you to taylor it to fit your repair business perfectly.


TrailBlazer takes care of everything in your shop

  • Makes invoicing and billing simple
  • Keeps technicians and customers notified and up to date
  • Tracks all parts used, along with stock levels
  • Shows shop and technician repair turnaround performance
  • Remote access with powerful administration tools
  • Granular security
  • Configurable user interface
  • Templated HTML based printouts - customizable in any way you like
  • Parts Usage reports
  • CSV Data extracts

What do our customers think?

I am really pleased with the functionality and ease of use of this program and my staff have embraced it without issue . I have spent a little bit of time exploring the software today and have been amazed at the amount of features that I have discovered. 

- Clive.R.Sanham - PCSimple


The Trailblazer system is going well for us and has significantly improved the way in which we manage jobs...
- Leslie La Touche, Marlborough Data Systems Ltd -

Incredible SupportUser Support

We make high demands of the services we pay for, and we expect great service. We believe in providing our customers with the kind of support that we would expect from companies we use.

We will always endeavour to give you the best possible support, so that you get the best use out of your TrailBlazer system.

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